2012 Vision

As the year closes to an end my mind drifts on the year past. A past year of struggles and joy, a year of hard work raising funds, a year that went by only having a vision on one thing. A vision of a far away distant land which is and was unknown. A vision that took me to many wonderful places and adventurers. A vision that was accomplished through hard work and effort. A vision that became a test of my endurance, strength, wisdom and my trust in the Lord, a test of my own character, a test that made me stronger, wiser and more beautiful then before. A vision that even others had a hard time believing. A vision that left my kids vulnerable to their own character and strengths. A vision that became a once in a lifetime opportunity that was beyond even my own expectations. A vision that was and still is indescribable. A vision that led me to you.

They say that visions become reality because of dreams, hopes and inspirations. They become reality because we’re determined and driven by some force unknown. Reality is made up of dreams that start in our heads and hearts. They start from having a desire. My desire is to be free. To “be”, to be who I am, to just be. My desire is to have dreams that are beyond my expectations, to have a life that others talk about, to have a marriage that is indescribable, to have a family that is full of hope, desires and realities that come true. My desire is to do God’s will in all that I do and am. My desire is to have someone who loves me, protects me and honors who I am. I desire someone who will stay by my side as the Lord has. Who will love me as Christ loves the church. My desire started from a dream that had no beginning or no end. A dream that was never reality, only a hope that was inspired by man. A man that told me marriage is good “Because God says it’s good” then turned and walked away.

They say that God test us, brings us trials and struggles to strengthen us, to make us Christ like. My life has been filled with struggles and trails, more then I can count. God also says that he will never give us more then we can handle…He must really trust me. He must know that I am strong and he is making me stronger. For what? I don’t know? What ever it is, it must be good for he has been blessing me the last couple of years with my heart desire and that which is good. He blessed me with a trip that I never expected to go on.

Started with a heart desire. Started with a hope. Started with a Dream. Started with a desire and determination. Started with planting a seed which grew beyond the limits of my own boundaries. Boundaries that not even I knew I had. Boundaries that where Hidden Treasures. Do you know that Hidden Treasures is what makes us surprisingly great to others and to ourselves.

They say that when we have found our hidden treasure, you know the once, the once that are buried so deep that God himself has to dig them out. The treasure that shines, even in the dark, because God himself found it. That same treasure once it’s found, can never be buried again because how can you put light out..you can’t. So they say, when you find treasure that is so precious, to use it in a way that the whole world will know about it and know that it truly is a gift made from Heaven.