Want to Know What I Do In A Week?

The other day I did my first “Hemp Party”. Pretty Exciting!! Teaching others the importance of keeping their skin glowing with health by just simply making one change. That change is using shelled hemp hearts on a daily basis. Teaching people this is important to me. Through my teaching I hope people would come to an understand that without a healthy heart you can’t have or do the things you want as your energy will bring you down, your internal organs don’t function properly, your brain lacks oxygen and the final word – you will die if your heart is unhealthy with cardio vascular disease. This is where ProArgi9 and shelled hemp hearts comes into play. In fact researches say that without eating a proper diet you take years, not months-Years! Off of you life. If you like me and have little children at home you definitely have the desire to live a healthier lifestyle and to live as long as you can. Having more energy to keep up with the kids is a bonus.

So that’s what I do, I go into people’s homes and teach them how to have a healthier glow from the inside out. To put years onto their live and not just take it off. Gives me great satisfaction if I can help just one person a week. That’s 52 people in a year. In 10 years, that’s 520 people, not a lot of people if you really think about it. You have to consider though that if you help one person and that person helps one person and so on and so on, over time that one-act of kindness not only doubles but quadruples over the years. It’s really true-one act of kindness really can impact millions! What do you say-Will you help at least one person a week? Smile to at least to one person a day? You never know how you can brighten up a persons day by just a simple smile. Did you also know that when you smile it’s actually healthy for you?

Well, as always, went off on a rabbit trail.Yes, I do the same at home. Will start something and then get distracted and start something new. Isn’t that annoying? If your like me, you actually get a lot of little things accomplished.