Do You Share Halloween Similar To Mine?

Halloween weekend is an interesting weekend for us in our home. Not only is it Halloween, it is also my birthday two days before. Who else shares a birthday on a holiday or celebration? I would love to hear your story.

My children not only get to go “trick or treating”, they get to dress up in their favorite character of that year and they get the joy of sharing a celebration with their beautiful momma. This makes my son, Dakota, very happy as it means more treats and sugar for him. We also get the privilege of sharing it with two special people in our lives. It’s the celebration of my dad and his beautiful wives Anniversary. This year it’s their thirtieth year together. I reminded my dad that the reason they got married, the day after my birthday, was so that he would never forget my birthday. His response “I forget our anniversary as well” . Thanks Dad!! Do you share the same feelings as well?

It’s nice to share a celebration with others. I always believed the more people you have to celebrate with, the more merrier the memories are. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy a holiday or celebration with family and friends. This weekend for my birthday I celebrated with my close friend of 25 years. We met in Jr. High, she being in grade 8 and I was in grade 9. Over the years we have shared many things together, many of which I won’t share-“A women’s heart is full of treasure and when two hearts share the same stories their lies a pot of gold”.

Together over the years we have shared many wonderful experiences together. Our children grew up together, two of which were born two months apart. As friends, we partied together and of course she introduced me to my first drink on my 20 birthday, this one drink lasted all night long. We share many stories that make us laugh to this day.  We also share many trials of pain. One can’t know someone for a long time without both joy and sadness, this is what draws people closer to each other. Through it all we have been able to get past the differences of personality, live through divorces from our husbands, past the teenage growing pains of our boys. Past the pain of people dying which one being my son, Steven, the younger one of the three. Steven shared the same birthday year as my friend’s son.  But through it all we became survivors, victories over what life past to us. We became sisters!!

Twenty-five years is a long time to have a close friend and I’m very fortunate and blessed to have a friend like Dawn. Love you my friend!!


Travelling With My Children

As I put my Hemp and Heart Health blogging to rest for a couple of months to be on holidays with my children I figure I would take some time today and post a new recipe and something I have learned.

I love summer holidays! Do you? No school, No packing lunches and No homework for 2 months feels like freedom. I ended up going on a road trip to visit some friends and family. I enjoy spending time with my children so going on vacation for two weeks with them was an adventure to be had and then we went camping for one week. Myself with a 11-year-old and 2 young kids, 3 and 2, was definitely a learning experience.

My son, Dakota, is an amazing young man! That is when he’s not acting like a spoiled pre-teen 🙂 His willingness to help and the love for his family made the trip more pleasurable then if he didn’t have these qualities within him.

I learned many things on my trip. Things that made me laugh, cry, be filled with love, hope, appreciation that I live so close to such beauty and an appreciation for my comfortable bed. I learned that love needs to have mutual respect between two people to work together, especially when your traveling. That my Lord protects me with his open arms wrapped tightly around me.

One thing that I did which was fun was that I went to the Calgary Stampede for the first time and of course went by myself as Dakota decided he didn’t want to come along. Was very fun being able to do what I wanted at the speed I wanted to go at without having a child ask for everything and spending way to much money. I watched all the shows that included the animals. Was pleased to have gone to the ice show and evening show. These two shows are worth more than the $12 that you pay to get into the gate (of course for the evening show you spend extra money to get into but it is so worth it). I would definitely go by myself again as the time away was not only relaxing but it rejuvenated my spirit and helped me to be able to continue on with our road trip, which was just starting.

What did you do on your summer holidays?