Changing Eternity

A friend of mine, her 13 year old daughter wrote this – I liked it so much I wanted to share it.

What are your thought on Eternity?


You won’t change your mind

And I’m gonna cry

Eternity without you

I’m not gonna lie

With I in one place

And you in another

Separated by choices

It was one or the other

And because of the path

That I choose to take

Our lives will be different

In the hands of fate

I in Heaven cry

As I know you’re in hell

From the choices you made

I know that you fell

But we can change your path

Any date, any time

Just surrender your soul

It won’t cost you a dime

Be forgiven from your sin

Washed white as snow

Hand everything over

To the savior I know

Ask him into your heart

And give him your soul

Have a never-ending faith

Righteousness as your goal

Read your bible daily

Obey all of Golds word

don’t be ashamed

Your free as a bird

You are a child of God

You are his best friend

Live a pure life

Till eternities end

Be on Guard

For when judgement day comes

Keep yourself Clean

Don’t be crushed beneath the thumb

And now that you know

Just what to do

Please change your ways

Make dreams come true

Don’t wait until…

It may be too late

Please rely on Jesus

Remember your fate

With your life on the line

Heaven or Hell

Make the right choice

For I know that you fell

Scripture Verses

Exodus 20/1-17    Matthew 15/21-30      John 13/34       Matthew 24/36-41

By Amanda