Why “Hemp Protein” is Better

Do you know about Hemp Protein? I found this really interesting when researching Hemp Protein and how it’s made. I found that Hemp Protein is overall healthier and more nutritional than what you’ll find in Hulled Hemp Seeds. The other day I was talking to a close friend what the difference was in Hemp Protein and just the Hulled Hemp Seeds. He was right, the Hemp Protein has a higher content then the Seeds for Protein. Read my blog on “How to Make Hemp Protein”. In fact Hemp Protein as I have discovered through my research has a higher content of protein then your everyday Soy or Whey Proteins. In many cases hemp protein doubled in grams then in the other two proteins. It all depends on the brand you buy but in all cases it was much, much higher. I found it not only interesting but exciting as hemp has been around for 10,000 years and yet people are conditioned to think that Soy and Whey are good for you. When in fact, Soy good be bad for you. Don’t believe me? Read this article for yourself  http://www.naturalnews.com/026303_soy_protein_hexane.html

I’m not going to tell you what protein you should be using or how bad Soy is for you and that Whey is loaded with hormones from that cow. I want to tell you about the wonderful benefits of Hemp Protein and my findings.

Would you give it to your children? I do! It’s the only protein supplement that I know of that is save for the whole family.

This Natural Food Source is loaded with nutrition. You can live completely off of hemp and eat nothing else, eat as much as you want and never gain a problem in your body from being over loaded. That’s because it’s so natural.

I found that Hemp Protein is loaded with other great vitamins and minerals. In fact, higher than Hulled Hemp Seeds or Hemp Oil. Take a look at this.

* Fiber – 23 g

* Thiamine – 165%

* Zinc-120%

* Magnesium – 275%

* Copper – 125%

* Calcium – 15%

* Potassium 36%

* Phosphorus- 130%

* Iron – 135%

* Niacin – 90%

* Vitamin B6 – 7%

These once are high but their higher in Hulled Hemp Seeds.

* Vitamin E – 65%            Hulled Hemp Seeds – 250%

* Riboflavin – 195%         Hulled Hemp Seeds – 860% – WOW!

* Manganese –  75%        Hulled Hemp Seeds – 290%

* Omega 6 – 5.5 g              Hulled Hemp Seeds – 27g        Hemp Seed Oil – 56g

* Omega 3 – 1.5g                Hulled Hemp Seeds – 10g        Hemp Seed Oil – 17g

It also has half the calories in the protein then the hemp seeds and less saturated fat. My vote is hands down for Hemp Protein Powder.

If your looking for the “more” in Hemp or the Protein that your already using then buy the Hemp Protein Powder.


How to Make Protein Powder

I was speaking to a close friend the other day who mentioned that Hemp Protein was separated and that’s how come it can have a higher content of protein in the powder then the actual seeds. I told him I was going to research this as I, being the one to sell hemp, believed they just crushed up the whole seed to make the protein powder. O.K. I admit, I was hugely wrong!! I did research and found out not only does protein powder contain more protein then the actual Hulled Hemp Seeds, I found out how it was made and wanted to share it with you.

How do you feel or what do you do when your totally wrong about a disagreement you just had with a friend?

I asked the manufacturers personally, those that make the hemp products that I sell, what’s the difference between hemp seeds and the powder and how is hemp powder made. Their the once who make it all happen out at their hemp farm so figured they should know. That’s right! People have to actually grow, harvest and then produce a product that is useful for all sorts of things, not to mention a product that’s really healthy for you, on a farm before it can be manufactured.

This is what I found out

* The whole seed is harvested from the crop

* Put into big drums that thrash the seeds about using big huge blades. This knocks the seeds against the sides of the drum which breaks the outer shell off to expose the seed in the inside.

* The two parts now need to be sifted so that the outer shell and the seed are separated.

* Now comes the fun part! The seed is separated again, this time from its oil. Therefore giving you “Hemp Seed Oil“. You now have three different products-the outer shell,  inside seed and the oil.

* As the process of the seed is being separated from its oil its forming what is called a “cake”. The cake is put into a dryer to evaporate all the oil from it. Can’t have any moisture in a powder-that would turn into mush real fast.

* This cake is taken away and added to the outer shell, mixed, crushed and ground together.

* You now have Protein Powder. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

In it’s purist form it doesn’t look all that great but healthy for you and tastes a bit like flour.

Hemp Protein has 43 grams of protein for every 100 gram serving. That’s only 8 tablespoons in a day. It’s also the recommended daily protein doze for the average person. Use it in your smoothies, baking or over your cereal.You’ll also find that it’s higher in protein then Soy or Whey Protein, which are both unhealthy for you but I’ll leave that for other sites.

Hemp protein is rich in other vitamins and minerals that you would expect coming from this “Natural Food Source”, because both the outer shell and the cake from the dried up seeds are being used BUT you’ll have to stay tuned and read my next blog for that information.

Sorry my friend! You were right!!