Are You Wanting Healthier Looking Hands?

I live in the harshest climate known to man. OK! Maybe I don’t live way up North but I tell you, some days it feels cold enough to live there. The weather where I live can freeze your skin in less than a minute, makes you want to put your clothes on-not take them off!! It gets so cold that it makes dogs hate going outside and children want to play indoors. That’s not all-the air is so dry, my skin feels like sand paper and cracks like wood. That’s my skin. Have you felt skin that feels like sandpaper? NO! Then you don’t live in Canada!

Lucky for me-I have found a wonderful solution. I wish I had a before picture, to show you what my hands looked like, but I don’t. I started to use Hemp Lotion on my poor pathetic looking old hands. Within a couple of days, my hands felt softer, smoother and even looked younger. Best of all the cracks healed. I call hemp lotion my “all-weather miracle lotion“.  I don’t have eczema or other skin disorders but I believe hemp lotion would definitely work on any skin problems.

It’s packed full of nutrition such as vitamins, minerals and your omega’s because of the hemp oil. It also penetrates deep into the skin to provide you with deep healing.

Try it! I would love to hear how it made a difference for you, your family and friends.


Do You Need Relieve From That Pain?

I am a skeptic. I don’t trust easily. I am the guy who rolls his eyes when his friends come by with their multilevel marketing schemes, the guy who hangs up on you if you call with a “sure way to make big money fast”. I am also very reticent to try new things. Yup. I am a skeptic.

When my friend, Hailey Mills started her online hemp business, she railed about all the wonderful things hemp could do. Sail boats, win wars, feed the world, etc etc. To be completely frank, I thought it was all snake oil. I thought this is just like those old shysters selling 50 proof mouthwash to illiterate pilgrims. She said ‘Try it’ I said – ‘I don’t smoke that stuff are you kidding?’ She let it go.

One day I was at her place and my shoulder was killing me. I have an old injury from a childhood accident that just seems to nag on me. Hailey was sympathetic – NOT!

‘How can you complain about a sore shoulder when there is a remedy not even two feet away from you?’ So, rather than have the whole ‘I will not try it on a train, not in a boat, not in the rain’ story, I tried the ‘Hemp-Aid‘ pain reliever.

I sprayed the ‘Hemp-Aid‘ on my shoulder and rubbed it in. Within seconds – not minutes – the pain in my shoulder abated. Where there was once nagging pain, there was a cool, soothing sensation!

I have since recommended the product to my friends and although my results were certainly the best, in all cases there was improvement. Rheumatism, arthritis, muscle pain from over exertion – all have been relieved with ‘Hemp-Aid‘.

I am a firm believer in mind over matter. If you really believe that something will help, often it may seem to help. Medical science calls this the placebo effect.

In my case, the opposite was true. I did not believe or trust in the product, but it still worked – and worked even better than it claimed to.

You may also be a skeptic and who can blame you, there are a lot of ‘snake oil salesmen’ out there. All I can tell you is that ‘Hemp-Aid‘ works. It works quickly and has no side effects or toxins. What more can you ask for?

What’s that Hailey? OK… I will try it with a fox. I will try it in a box, I will try it here or there and I will try it anywhere. Satisfied?

Is Your Child Like Mine?

My son who’s older now was diagnosed when he was 7 with a number of difficult brain disorders. Of course, Doctors don’t describe them as such. They used names such as ODD, social anxiety and if that wasn’t bad enough, since he was small he lived with getting into trouble all the time because he couldn’t handle loud noises, wearing certain clothes, eating certain kind of foods. In other words, he was diagnosed as having sensory issues. At a young age this really gave me and him problems as I didn’t know what was going on. People labeled him as a problem child and would give him consequences for things he didn’t have control over.  All along he was reacting to an environment which he didn’t understand or even know what was going on with him. Probably the reason he grew up to have social anxiety at the age of 8.

Going through the “Flea Market” one day I came to a booth were a man was selling hemp products. We got talking about the health benefits of hemp. The health properties that this natural food source contains is plenty. It has all your daily intake of oils, acids, minerals and vitamins you need for your daily life. In fact, you can live off of hemp and eat nothing else. I had reservations of whether or not it would help my son. I bought both the hemp seeds and hemp oil. I wanted to try them both to see which one he would like. Hemp has a nutty flavor and can be used for all your cooking and baking needs. I have replaced my cooking oil with hemp oil.

I’m really excited to tell you the changes that hemp oil did for my son. The next Saturday I went to find this man to tell him the greatest gift of all to my family that week.  My sons behavior and attitude did a 180. He became more calmer in social environments, when I asked him to do something he was compliant and did it right away. The loud noises he made-stopped! He now enjoys helping around the house with his niece and nephew. He gets praises by other people and his schooling as improved in many areas. I am very proud of my son. All because I took a leap of faith and tried hemp seeds and hemp oil.

I will always be grateful as my son doesn’t need to be on medication. I didn’t want to use medication on him. Instead, I wanted to find a natural way to helping and I found it. Thank to this wonderful natural food source called hemp.

You Look So….!!

Yes, I am told a lot that I look young and that I have beautiful skin. I’m 40 years old, have three children and two young grandchildren which I’m proud to say that I have. I look after my grand babies full-time along with my youngest son. Yet, I look like I’m in my twenties. Some would say it’s in my genes, others would say it’s because I look after my skin. For myself, I would say that it’s both. Over the years I have used many different store brand facial creams and all natural creams BUT nothing compares to the changes in my appearance since I started hemp skin cream. In two days of using it my skin felt smooth as silk. Four days later I noticed most of my black heads were gone. The best part, my fine lines were gone and the deeper lines started to diminish. My skin feels Fantastic!!

I highly recommend to all, men and women, to start early in life looking after your skin. The better it will be in the later years. With all the toxins in the air, the junk and processed food we eat, the chemicals we put on our skin, people are looking older than they should be sooner in life. It’s very important to look after ourselves from the inside-out to prevent the aging process creeping up on us to early.

I eat hemp seeds and use hemp oil in my cooking to prevent illness and colds coming on. Hemp is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9. As For me, it’s very important to stay as healthy as I can so I can be the best parent to my children an grandchildren in the years to come.