Only 100% Natural

RainHemp is a place you can go for comfort and satisfaction, knowing that the products you are buying are in fact 100% all natural. At RainHemp. you will learn a lot about why hemp is so good for you – Why you should use all natural skin care products, the health benefits of so much more like Shea Butter.

Shea Butter is used for its healing qualities. In nature, this nut is found growing on the Karite Nut tree, also known as Mangifolia. The seeds are extracted and made into an oil. This oil is high in natural vegetable oil. This oil is not only good in chocolate, it’s great for your skin. You can almost call it magical for its healing effects on skin conditions such as burns, stretch marks, ulcerated skin, eczema, and dryness. Shea Butter also promotes cell regeneration and capillary circulation.

At RainHemp, we believe the benefits of using all natural products out weigh those of using a product filled with chemicals that hurts the environment and allow toxins to seep into your skin. These toxins that are used by manufactures are used throughout the process of making their products. These chemicals are used from the time of growth to the time it hits the stores. Even products that say they are 100% natural are not always 100% all natural. Toxins such as synthetic emollients, synthetic emulsifiers, synthetic humectants, synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, artificial dyes, colorings, flavoring and additives make up chemicals that are brought into your body through food, hair care and body care. These chemicals are the cause of many illness’ such as cancers, negativity on the reproductive system, arthritis, brain disorders, allergies, affects on the nervous system and heart disease.

Even the foods you eat can be loaded with chemicals. The apple you ate yesterday is layered with floor wax to preserve it to stay green until it reaches the store. Just before arriving the apples are sprayed with another chemical to turn them into the color red or green as you see them in the store. Make sure to wash all your fruit and vegetables clean before eating them.

At RainHemp, our hemp is grown without any pesticides or herbicides. Right from growth of a seed, our hemp products are chemical free. We believe in 100% all natural products.

Some people have asked me “Do you spell RainHemp as one word?” for your company. Yes, I do! Why? Stay tuned, that’s another story.