Changing Eternity

A friend of mine, her 13 year old daughter wrote this – I liked it so much I wanted to share it.

What are your thought on Eternity?


You won’t change your mind

And I’m gonna cry

Eternity without you

I’m not gonna lie

With I in one place

And you in another

Separated by choices

It was one or the other

And because of the path

That I choose to take

Our lives will be different

In the hands of fate

I in Heaven cry

As I know you’re in hell

From the choices you made

I know that you fell

But we can change your path

Any date, any time

Just surrender your soul

It won’t cost you a dime

Be forgiven from your sin

Washed white as snow

Hand everything over

To the savior I know

Ask him into your heart

And give him your soul

Have a never-ending faith

Righteousness as your goal

Read your bible daily

Obey all of Golds word

don’t be ashamed

Your free as a bird

You are a child of God

You are his best friend

Live a pure life

Till eternities end

Be on Guard

For when judgement day comes

Keep yourself Clean

Don’t be crushed beneath the thumb

And now that you know

Just what to do

Please change your ways

Make dreams come true

Don’t wait until…

It may be too late

Please rely on Jesus

Remember your fate

With your life on the line

Heaven or Hell

Make the right choice

For I know that you fell

Scripture Verses

Exodus 20/1-17    Matthew 15/21-30      John 13/34       Matthew 24/36-41

By Amanda


2012 Vision

As the year closes to an end my mind drifts on the year past. A past year of struggles and joy, a year of hard work raising funds, a year that went by only having a vision on one thing. A vision of a far away distant land which is and was unknown. A vision that took me to many wonderful places and adventurers. A vision that was accomplished through hard work and effort. A vision that became a test of my endurance, strength, wisdom and my trust in the Lord, a test of my own character, a test that made me stronger, wiser and more beautiful then before. A vision that even others had a hard time believing. A vision that left my kids vulnerable to their own character and strengths. A vision that became a once in a lifetime opportunity that was beyond even my own expectations. A vision that was and still is indescribable. A vision that led me to you.

They say that visions become reality because of dreams, hopes and inspirations. They become reality because we’re determined and driven by some force unknown. Reality is made up of dreams that start in our heads and hearts. They start from having a desire. My desire is to be free. To “be”, to be who I am, to just be. My desire is to have dreams that are beyond my expectations, to have a life that others talk about, to have a marriage that is indescribable, to have a family that is full of hope, desires and realities that come true. My desire is to do God’s will in all that I do and am. My desire is to have someone who loves me, protects me and honors who I am. I desire someone who will stay by my side as the Lord has. Who will love me as Christ loves the church. My desire started from a dream that had no beginning or no end. A dream that was never reality, only a hope that was inspired by man. A man that told me marriage is good “Because God says it’s good” then turned and walked away.

They say that God test us, brings us trials and struggles to strengthen us, to make us Christ like. My life has been filled with struggles and trails, more then I can count. God also says that he will never give us more then we can handle…He must really trust me. He must know that I am strong and he is making me stronger. For what? I don’t know? What ever it is, it must be good for he has been blessing me the last couple of years with my heart desire and that which is good. He blessed me with a trip that I never expected to go on.

Started with a heart desire. Started with a hope. Started with a Dream. Started with a desire and determination. Started with planting a seed which grew beyond the limits of my own boundaries. Boundaries that not even I knew I had. Boundaries that where Hidden Treasures. Do you know that Hidden Treasures is what makes us surprisingly great to others and to ourselves.

They say that when we have found our hidden treasure, you know the once, the once that are buried so deep that God himself has to dig them out. The treasure that shines, even in the dark, because God himself found it. That same treasure once it’s found, can never be buried again because how can you put light can’t. So they say, when you find treasure that is so precious, to use it in a way that the whole world will know about it and know that it truly is a gift made from Heaven.

Are You Wanting Healthier Looking Hands?

I live in the harshest climate known to man. OK! Maybe I don’t live way up North but I tell you, some days it feels cold enough to live there. The weather where I live can freeze your skin in less than a minute, makes you want to put your clothes on-not take them off!! It gets so cold that it makes dogs hate going outside and children want to play indoors. That’s not all-the air is so dry, my skin feels like sand paper and cracks like wood. That’s my skin. Have you felt skin that feels like sandpaper? NO! Then you don’t live in Canada!

Lucky for me-I have found a wonderful solution. I wish I had a before picture, to show you what my hands looked like, but I don’t. I started to use Hemp Lotion on my poor pathetic looking old hands. Within a couple of days, my hands felt softer, smoother and even looked younger. Best of all the cracks healed. I call hemp lotion my “all-weather miracle lotion“.  I don’t have eczema or other skin disorders but I believe hemp lotion would definitely work on any skin problems.

It’s packed full of nutrition such as vitamins, minerals and your omega’s because of the hemp oil. It also penetrates deep into the skin to provide you with deep healing.

Try it! I would love to hear how it made a difference for you, your family and friends.

Do You Share Halloween Similar To Mine?

Halloween weekend is an interesting weekend for us in our home. Not only is it Halloween, it is also my birthday two days before. Who else shares a birthday on a holiday or celebration? I would love to hear your story.

My children not only get to go “trick or treating”, they get to dress up in their favorite character of that year and they get the joy of sharing a celebration with their beautiful momma. This makes my son, Dakota, very happy as it means more treats and sugar for him. We also get the privilege of sharing it with two special people in our lives. It’s the celebration of my dad and his beautiful wives Anniversary. This year it’s their thirtieth year together. I reminded my dad that the reason they got married, the day after my birthday, was so that he would never forget my birthday. His response “I forget our anniversary as well” . Thanks Dad!! Do you share the same feelings as well?

It’s nice to share a celebration with others. I always believed the more people you have to celebrate with, the more merrier the memories are. It’s wonderful to be able to enjoy a holiday or celebration with family and friends. This weekend for my birthday I celebrated with my close friend of 25 years. We met in Jr. High, she being in grade 8 and I was in grade 9. Over the years we have shared many things together, many of which I won’t share-“A women’s heart is full of treasure and when two hearts share the same stories their lies a pot of gold”.

Together over the years we have shared many wonderful experiences together. Our children grew up together, two of which were born two months apart. As friends, we partied together and of course she introduced me to my first drink on my 20 birthday, this one drink lasted all night long. We share many stories that make us laugh to this day.  We also share many trials of pain. One can’t know someone for a long time without both joy and sadness, this is what draws people closer to each other. Through it all we have been able to get past the differences of personality, live through divorces from our husbands, past the teenage growing pains of our boys. Past the pain of people dying which one being my son, Steven, the younger one of the three. Steven shared the same birthday year as my friend’s son.  But through it all we became survivors, victories over what life past to us. We became sisters!!

Twenty-five years is a long time to have a close friend and I’m very fortunate and blessed to have a friend like Dawn. Love you my friend!!

NEWS FLASH!! Hemp Cures Cancer!

I have a confession to tell you. I am really against smoking Marijuana. I don’t believe that this plant was grown by God for people to enjoy getting high from. My boys and their friends heard ALL about the reasons not to. Don’t worry! I’m not going to tell you one of my boring lectures. I am going to tell you how wonderful this plant actually is. I believe in 100% natural cures for all diseases. Before 1920 that’s all our forefathers ever used. That’s all that was available to them. People didn’t hear about cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and so many other diseases that we today fight against.

If your fighting against a disease and your not one of the lucky once. I am truly sorry for you and your family for having to go through such a trail.

Are you fighting to prevent it-Good for you!! But even fighting to prevent, you may not be so lucky. There is no guarantees in life. Especially, if you work in an environment that is full of toxins.

I want to tell you about a cure that’s been around for 10,000 years. That  people used even with their animals. That is until the big medical corporations became greedy.

Until someone has a life changing experience their not able to share valuable information. Through my research I have found one sort out man who tells his story, shares the cure with others and is now fighting to bring 100% pure hemp oil into Canada. I truly believe what this man and others have discovered is why pot plants where originally grown by God. Here is the story of Ricky Simpson and how he helps others to fight cancer

As I do not have 100% pure hemp oil to sell you. I can only sell you what I do have. A hemp oil that will prevent these illness from forming in your body, by keeping your blood clean. This is the hemp oil that I use for my son who is now calmer from having Social Anxiety and ODD. The same oil used in my facial cream to keep me looking young.

I have changed my thinking toward using hemp products and 100% pure hemp oil. When I first started selling hemp my son and his friends laughed. It was funny! At one time I gave lectures on how they shouldn’t be smoking it and today, I sell hemp products. These products contain less than .03% THC but they work wonderful on all skin types, body types and keeping your blood detoxified to prevent illness’ forming in your body. In Canada and the U.S. we are fortunate enough to be able to buy hulled hemp seeds and hemp oil, these will help prevent diseases forming.

Keeping your blood clean and detoxified, is the number 1 way to prevent your body from illness’. Your children even need to be detoxified with all the pollution in the air, the fast food they eat. Most kids sit in front of technology more than they play outside, this does not help to rid their bodies of toxins. Hemp is 100% a natural food source which is guaranteed to help keep you detoxified if you do your part.

Wont you try it?

My question to you is – Will you keep an open mind to the possibility that you may never need chemotherapy or be on heart medication ever?

Want to Know What I Do In A Week?

The other day I did my first “Hemp Party”. Pretty Exciting!! Teaching others the importance of keeping their skin glowing with health by just simply making one change. That change is using shelled hemp hearts on a daily basis. Teaching people this is important to me. Through my teaching I hope people would come to an understand that without a healthy heart you can’t have or do the things you want as your energy will bring you down, your internal organs don’t function properly, your brain lacks oxygen and the final word – you will die if your heart is unhealthy with cardio vascular disease. This is where ProArgi9 and shelled hemp hearts comes into play. In fact researches say that without eating a proper diet you take years, not months-Years! Off of you life. If you like me and have little children at home you definitely have the desire to live a healthier lifestyle and to live as long as you can. Having more energy to keep up with the kids is a bonus.

So that’s what I do, I go into people’s homes and teach them how to have a healthier glow from the inside out. To put years onto their live and not just take it off. Gives me great satisfaction if I can help just one person a week. That’s 52 people in a year. In 10 years, that’s 520 people, not a lot of people if you really think about it. You have to consider though that if you help one person and that person helps one person and so on and so on, over time that one-act of kindness not only doubles but quadruples over the years. It’s really true-one act of kindness really can impact millions! What do you say-Will you help at least one person a week? Smile to at least to one person a day? You never know how you can brighten up a persons day by just a simple smile. Did you also know that when you smile it’s actually healthy for you?

Well, as always, went off on a rabbit trail.Yes, I do the same at home. Will start something and then get distracted and start something new. Isn’t that annoying? If your like me, you actually get a lot of little things accomplished.

Hemp Crisps Cookies

Really quick to make. I would love to hear your thoughts after trying them.


2/3 cups brown sugar

1 beaten egg

1/2 cup melted butter-cooled

1/2 cup flour

1 tsp cinnamon

1 cup hulled hemp hearts


Mix together brown sugar, beaten egg, melted butter – Do not over mix

Mix flour, cinnamon and hulled hemp hearts together.

Mix the dry with the moist.

Do not let the mixture sit to long on it’s own before baking.

Spoon drop and flatten dough onto a lightly greased cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 until the edges are very crispy.

* For more porous cookies increase egg and/or decrease flour slightly

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