No Doubt about it!!

First day of school! First week of school! It’s been a very exciting last couple of days. I have a son in grade 6 and my granddaughter is just started school in playschool. Yesterday was a sad/happy/exciting day!! Today she went alone and her brother miss’ her. So do I! It’s funny how us parents will go through a stage of needing our kids to be somewhere else and then when their gone, we miss them. What has been your experience at a time you needed a break, just to find out that you miss your child/children?

It’s like when they start going to over night camps. YA! Their gone!! Two hours later the house is clean and your left with silence. The missing of them begins. The week goes by slowly and then they come home and that’s when we realize as parents the break was a well deserved needed vacation. Do you have kids like mine? After the initial “Welcome Home Celebration” they start to fight. 

I miss those days!! Not for long, my two grandbabies already have disagreements over the toys they want to play with, even though they have tons of toys. They have one favorite and as soon as one is off, the other gets on. Soon they to will be heading to camp and the cycle of “welcome home fights” will begin.

I’m very fortunate though that my family loves one another and has a bond. There’s no doubt it!!


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