Is It True…

Is it true that the government wants to take the National Anthem out of Schools? Not sure completely but I do know that some Schools across Canada already have done just this very thing. Why? Because it annoys a couple of people? This is our Country, the land that our fathers fought wars for so that we can have freedom and yet we as Canadians get treated like second class to the minority. It’s a dishonor even to those who are fighting now for Freedom.

When one sings their National Anthem it brings Pride to oneself for living in a Country where there is Freedom and yet, little by little it’s being taken away because of minority. Very unfair!!

This the is the letter I wrote to our government today. I believe we all need to start writing letters instead of standing around and becoming so complacent that a few people can change our Country because their annoyed, just because their the minority. What about the rest of us who are annoyed by it? Will you write a letter stating what your willing to stand up for? Or will you just sit back and become complacent just because that’s in your Freedom to do so? You really want to watch the future of your kids be dictated by minority?

Anyway, this is my letter. As you will see I am not a “Politically Correct Person” and don’t plan on becoming one.

“This is appalling!! First it was prayer because that offended one person and we all know what has taken place in schools since then. Drugs, killings, disrespect, bullying, and the list goes on. Now, you want to take the same song that gives National Pride to a Country because it offends foreigners? We have people who fight what that songs stands for. If we went to a foreign country and told them to stop singing their songs we would be laughed at or even shot at in some places.

This is very concerning as a Parent and I’m very angry that our government is wishy-washy that they won’t stand up for the people of this Land. I have lived in Canada all my live and am very angry that my children’s future is being dictated my the minority.”

Short, sweet and right to the point. Took 2 minutes to type. Type one yourself and send it off. Start standing up for your rights instead of just leaving it to hang in cyber space.


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