Taking My Son Clothes Shopping for School

Going back to school is an experience that all parents experience. It’s one of those things that just has to be done. Do you enjoy this yearly event?

Even if you home school, you still prepare to go back to school. For years I’ve been trying to talk my son who is 11 to go be home schooled. It would be the best! I wouldn’t have to worry about getting up early, making lunches the night before, driving in the cold winter (I live in Canada), dealing with teachers and homework, do things together during the day, wouldn’t have to worry about picking him up at a certain time of the day. He won’t go for it, I even tried to entice him with holidays – Didn’t Work! What do you think of Home Schooling if that’s a part of your families life? I am stuck with having to do all that and more as my granddaughter is starting playschool this year and I am not ready to let her go. She is of course, beyond her years in intelligence and social skills, it’s me with the problem. The missing of her has already started. I still miss Dakota, who is now in grade 6. I enjoy my kids being home with me. Spending time with them when we’re not fighting is something I look forward to most days.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel the excitement of back to school days, it’s the best time to buy the latest fashions. It’s also for me a very emotional time, all my emotions seem to come out those two weeks before school. It’s also pretty exciting in the fact I’ll have more time for myself, don’t have to deal with teenage raging hormones, my house is cleaner, Dakota is happy to be with his friends and to learn. He’s one of those rare breeds that actually likes school so there are a few good things about sending your kids to school. And for a total of 17 years that I’ve experienced this yearly event, this year is no different.

Took my son shopping yesterday. Even for me it was exciting to see his happy, excited expressions. He was thrilled and overjoyed to be shopping in the same mall that his brothers would shop in. To be in the same store that his brother Steven used to shop in was something he expressed as “I can’t believe that I’m here” “These are the clothes that Steven would wear, this is his fashion and now mine.” My son Steven died on December 31, 2008, he was the boys’ best friend. He will always be missed in our home so to have that experience for Dakota was something he never thought that he would have. It added something more special to both of us this summer then I couldn’t have imagined. Ending our day with a surprise that he didn’t expect and to be honest, I didn’t either, is a memory that we will both hold dear.

It’s now time to count down the days. To pack the backpack, get back on a routine of sleep, start buying those extra foods I wouldn’t normally buy to fill a lunch bag, to prepare emotions for the first day.

The excitement in my granddaughter as she asks every day “Do I go to school today” brings a smile of knowing that she’s ready. The memories that we will create in the next two weeks will hold dear in our hearts. What memory of  “back to school” do you share with your family?


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