Why Reducing World Emissions is a False Lie!!

The world government wants to reduce emissions by 17% by 2020. I say “It’s impossible”!! Why?

Unless they turn back time and send the big corporations packing their bags or even force them to start using natural resources for fuel. Reduce emissions is giving the world false hope in a dying lie.

The Government doesn’t want to stop using fossil fuel as a means to power cars and homes. Producing fossil fuel is a billion dollar industry a day. That’s right! In one day big corporations make billions from selling fuel to consumers. The government have their hands right into this money and monopoly.

Before WWII the world was fuelled from energy sources from plant matter such as corn oil, hemp and even waste paper. Hemp was used for everything. In fact it was against the law not to grow hemp. The people used it for everything-including to power cars.

Hemp, unlike fossil fuel which took millions of years to produce, can grow to the heights of 10-12 ft. in 75 to 90 days. One acre of hemp produces enough fibre to cover 4 acres of trees. That’s a lot of plant fuel!!

Something to think about: If the government really wanted to lower emissions to save our planet then why do they fight for the power and control of it? In 2005, the Middle East supplied 25% of fuel to the United States – Canada and Mexico still being the biggest suppliers. By 2025, the American Government wants to replace 75% of fuel resource from the Middle East. Canada started drilling for oil in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland. They even want to store emissions compressed in containers and then bury them. Instead of using plant resources, they drill and store emissions into a container to bury. A couple of years ago one man invented a clean burning fuel to run vehicles, a big manufacturer buys the rights to this fuel and you hear nothing about it. Isn’t that interesting?

Unless the government compels these big corporations to use hemp and other plant resources and trade in their greed to actually save our planet, then our planet is a dying world just like the dying lie from the government and these big corporations.

What are your thoughts? Do you think its possible for the world to reduce emissions as they talk about?


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