Repel Those Mosquito’s Naturally

Are you like everyone else and despise mosquitoes? Where do you think they came from?

Those mosquitoes are everywhere. Everywhere in the world! You can’t hide from them or swat them enough to make sure that more won’t come back.

They won’t even be gone if you wish hard and long enough.

Not even if you sleep on it or have a super pests swatter. Nope! They are here to stay.

In some countries mosquito’s are around all year-long. In warm climates for longer period of time, mosquito’s are more susceptible to diseases, viruses and parasites which they pass onto humans.

Diseases and parasites as mentioned below carry a wide range of symptom in the victim. These symptoms range from high fever, muscle aches and headaches, some develop a cough, nausea, diarrhea, yellow fever, convulsions being paralysed, in some cases to gradually progressing into bleeding, a coma and then death. Not all carry the same symptoms and not all can you die from. A person will need to research more on the different symptom that can be passed onto a human. The diseases and parasites that can be passed to a human are: Malaria – a parasite. Dengue Fever which is also referred to as “Break-Bone Fever” because the symptoms can be very painful and in some can become life-threatening. Yellow Fever is very fatal and is found in very hot tropical climates. Encephalitis, this disease attacks the brain. West Nile which is most talked about.

Mosquito’s that carry these diseases are found in the countries of Africa, Asia and parts of Central and South America, Europe and the USA. In total because these areas are so populated 40% of the population is affected and at risk of contracting the disease which 15%-20% fatal.

In all cases these diseases are contacted by birds and other animals then transmitted to a human host via a mosquito. Once the human contacts the disease or virus it doesn’t stop there, it will be transmitted again to another host. Which is the case for Malaria which goes from people back to mosquitoes back to people.

In all cases to protect yourself from any form of getting a mosquito bite, use a good hemp mosquito repellent. Preferably one that is all natural so that even the youngest of your children can use it and be safe.

An all-natural mosquito repellent would include ingredients such as Hemp Oil, Citronella, Witch Hazel or Cedar Wood. These products are safe for the environment and the whole family. Effective to keep those nasty pests away and they will leave your skin feeling soft.

How can an all-natural product keep pests away or be considered as a mosquito repellent?

Since 1948 Citronella has been used in the U.S. as an insect repellent as it is considered to be a pesticide from the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency. It comes from a natural plant grown in the wild. It is one of the most popular ways to repel insects naturally.

Witch Hazel, Cedar Wood and Hemp Oil all come from a shrub or a tree. Scientists have shown in case studies that mosquitoes dislike the strong smells associated with these natural products. All considered safe and effective as a pest repellent for the whole family. Unlike DEET which is toxic and not environmentally friendly at all. Deet is an effective solvent which can dissolve plastics, rayon, leather, spandex and including nail polish. DEET can cause skin reactions in certain people and has been reported to have caused seizures in a low number of people and 4 deaths. My question-Why would anybody want to use a chemical for their family when they can use an all natural mosquito product to repel mosquitoes.

Would you rather use a safe product or a harmful product that keeps these pests away?


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