Why Hemp Makes You 100% Satisfied

Hemp as anything but a food source has a bad reputation, is it because people believe that you can smoke it likes its cousin-marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana are in the same family but the properties are different. You can’t smoke hemp. It has none to low THC, the compound that allows a person to become high. It has less than 1% of THC.

It does however have marvelous health benefits for you and your family. It is a complete food source found in nature. People can live on it alone without eating anything else throughout their day.

Hemp is very high in Protein: 35% which 64% of it is Edistin. Hemp Proteins are more highly digestible in your system. It contains globular proteins, Edistin and albumin proteins which are readily available and similarly found in your blood plasma. Edistin is used in your body to make antibodies and enzymes. Albumin is a foetal plasma protein which is water soluble. It disperses substances evenly throughout your blood stream while binding fatty acids, cations and bilirubin to the needed components throughout your body. The levels of amino acids that you’ll find in Hemp Protein are higher than milk, meat or eggs.

It is high in vitamins, A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E. In fact, it’s very high in ALL your vitamins and minerals. It’s an adequate source of dietary fiber, calcium and iron, and contains antioxidants and chlorophyll. A good source of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese.

It is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9. In fact, the Omega’s you’ll find is higher than any fish or plant that you will eat. We need these Essential Fatty Acids for numerous normal body functions. We need it to control blood clotting and to build cell membranes in the brain, balance our cholesterol, build our immune systems, give us energy, prevent heart problems, improve eyesight, balance our hormones, rebuild cell structure, aid in losing weight and skin disorders and for the inflammation of our joints and muscles. In fact the Essential Fatty Acids in this complete natural food source is the only food source with all the essential fatty acids in perfect proportions. With this much aid in one food source how can 90% of Americans say no to taking Essential Fatty Acids?

It’s one of the only food source to be almost complete with all 21 essential Amino Acids including the 8 which your bodies can not produce. Amino Acids are vital for your body. They serve as the building blocks for protein. Amino Acids are very important in the aid of muscular growth and recovery after exercise. Protein alone will not put significant levels of amino acids into your blood stream until a couple of hours after you eat it. It needs to be in its pure form which you will find when eating hemp. In its pure form, your body can absorb it into the bloodstream within fifteen minutes. This quick absorption helps to prevent muscle catabolism.

For your nutritional health this complete food source is all you need for your body’s health.

Just think-one plant that’s been in use for 10,000 years does all the work of 20 bottles in someone’s medicine cupboard.


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