Some People Out There

The more I use Hemp the more I enjoy it. I love the benefits of what it has done for my hair, my fine lines and blackheads-there actually gone!! The picture you see on my blog writing, that’s me! I’m 40 and look way younger. Why? I’ve looked after my skin since I was in my twenties. Used nothing but natural products. Now, I’ve discovered the wonderful and splendor of Hemp Cream and I’m not going to use anything else.

I”m enjoying learning and researching about the incredible attributes of industrial hemp. One of natures wonder foods. I actually could live in the wilderness and if I had just taken hemp seeds with me I wouldn’t need to eat anything else. Of course I would take a supply of hemp seeds to plant. I could live like a hermit and survive on my hemp seeds and hemp oil. I would of course make hemp oil to rub on myself so I can use as skin cream, in my bath and to drink. Who knows if the place where I settle would have water close by? If it didn’t rain for a long time I would have to find some source of liquid to drink. Hemp oil would be my source.

Some people and their fantasies! šŸ™‚

My son is going on a bike tour tomorrow by himself across Canada. He’s 22. As a mom I’m of course worried but know that he’s going to be OK. He wants to go and get away. Be alone with his thoughts. Of course he’ll have plenty of time to think. I wonder what his thoughts will be? What a great thought I had, just phoned him and told him to buy a journal to write in. I look forward to reading it one day when he decides to come back. He’s excited to be going. As a mom I gave him a whole bunch of tips. Told him what to eat and not eat as he’s going to be living off the land and the food he can find. He wants to travel all the way to New Brunswick which is 3499.2 kilometers away from where we live.

May he stay safe and stay our of trouble.


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